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08-2 Intralogistics GENI Belt web-FIVES

The technology consists of a continuous “train” of carrier units equipped with high-friction belt conveyors, each independently operated.

Items are transferred with their length perpendicular to the direction of transport, kept aligned, centered and controlled during all transportation. The discharge into the assigned destinations is active with no impact, gravity or tilting.

GENI-belt™ can gentle handle a large range of products at very high speed, while providing high throughput and accuracy rates. The flat and sealed conveying surface prevents products from jamming, slipping, rolling or falling into moving parts.

GENI-belt™ is Fives’ sorters range to safely automate sorting in several applications: 

  • postal terminals, 
  • courier hubs, 
  • distribution centers 
  • baggage handling systems at airports. 

Ultimate flexibility in operation and space needed

  • Suitable for many kinds of operations: shipping, handling of returns, order fulfilment, EBS and HBS, etc.
  • Using digital communication, each type of item, even the unstable, light, thin and oversized one can be handled thanks to variable sorter speed up to 3m/s and adjustable sorting unit acceleration during item sortation. 
  • Can be adapted to building physical constraints thanks to its compactness and level change up to 15°, floor supports every 6m approx. and possibility to hang the equipment to the ceiling

Unrivalled accuracy whatever the type of items

  • 99.99% of accuracy thanks to adjustable sorting unit acceleration during item sortation and off-loading trajectories that can be adjusted according to position, weight and speed of each item.
  • From small packets, documents, trays, bottle cases, fresh food, flat garments, shoe boxes to 1,500 mm long parcels weighing up to 80 kg can be handled fully automatically

Outstanding reliability, availability ans efficiency

  • The full redundancy of each component provides outstanding availability
  • Fault tolerant and robust system ensuring maximum reliability 
  • Friction driving units and built-in generating wheels are proven patented technology for ultimate energy efficiency 
  • Eco-mode functionality adapts sorter’s speed automatically depending on sorter capacity needed to save energy

Eco-designed product in energy saving and material used

GENI-belt™ MD is sustainable equipment branded with Fives Engineered Sustainability® thanks to its innovative design and improvements compared to previous SBIR MD cross-belt sorter.

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