Fives offers an Optimization service pack to support its customers

Operating managers require specific global consultancy of their logistic process.

Fives offers an Optimization service pack to support customers both in their business and new market requirements to reduce running costs, maximize system performances and get full system control.

Technical consultancy

Fives offers specific expertise and consulting services to improve process performances and to maximize operational efficiency. Dedicated data acquisition allows analysis of the system performances and KPI deviations.


Fives dedicated support team provides remote supervision, troubleshooting and performance analysis in Real-Time, by reducing running costs and granting the full system control.

Global service on guaranteed performances

Fives offers on-site services to optimize the system performances levels and availability rates, including preventive and corrective maintenance, spare parts management, system evolution and CMMS data recording.


A wide range of trainings dedicated to different profiles is available to allow the customer to operate and maintain their system at their best level of performance by having skilled and qualified personnel, always updated. Programs, contents and duration vary according to customer’s needs, both during the initial ramp-up and the whole life of the system.