Two Austrian Post’s distribution centres equipped with Fives’ automated solution

Fives_Intralogisitcs_Austrian Post contract award

Two new sorting systems will born in Austria: Austrian Post decided to invest in these projects choosing Fives as partner to automate the facilities in Talgau and Wolfurt.

Austrian Post is the leading logistics and postal services provider in Austria, which main business activities include high-quality transport and delivery of letters, direct mail items, print media and parcels.

Fives studied the most suitable solutions for Austrian Post’s operational needs, automating the whole processes and minimizing manual intervention.

In both solutions, the GENI-Belt cross-belt technology is the core of the warehouse: it is equipped with automated GENI-Feed induction lines, accumulation chutes and destinations to feed roll cages and to telescopic conveyors.

The peculiarity of Wolfurt project is the system installation: it has been scheduled in phases to ensure customer’s production during everyday operations. Fives, as supplier turnkey solutions, studied a detailed action plan to install part of the handling system meanwhile the old one is in operation, dismantle the current technology and finally put all the warehouse in operation without any interruption.

The sites will open in Summer 2020. Once completed, the facilities will deliver automatically respectively 6,500 and 8,000 parcels per hour.