Latest fairs Fives hosted in the US


Fives recently participated in major exhibitions in the US, in Chicago (MI) and Louisville (KY) positioning itself as a supplier of pioneering solutions in many markets.

Fives cements its rebranding efforts in the US at ProMat Show

Fives was pleased to be an exhibitor at this year’s ProMat trade show.  Hosted by industry leader MHI (Material Handling Institute) at Chicago’s McCormick Center with 800+ exhibitors and 35,000+ attendees, ProMat is the largest expo for manufacturing and supply chain professionals in North America.  

Since launching a re-branding initiative in July of last year to change the name from Cinetic Sorting Corp. to Intralogistics, Fives has been eager to present its offer at the industry’s most well-attended trade show. ProMat is an ideal platform to re-introduce a newly-minted Fives Intralogistics to the material handling market as a trusted source of design-and-build engineering. 

The booth included a 1/3 scale model of the patented ACCORD Singulator, an intriguing piece of equipment that garnered much attention and interest in the process of automated sortation.  In an industry that continues to see explosive growth in online sales, many distributors are racing to keep up with consumer demands for timely service and expedient delivery times.  

Fives was able to present its pioneering solutions for many distributors considering the automation of existing sites or altogether new sites.   

Fives presents pioneering solutions in its hometown

Fives was pleased to be one of 70 exhibitors at this year’s Operations Summit in Louisville, KY.  

Now in its fourth year, Operations Summit is a direct-to-customer and omni-channel operations and fulfillment management event, specializing in seminars, roundtables, and receptions highlighting the latest industry trends and insights.  Many warehouse managers, directors of distribution, and VP level executives were present to analyze automation possibilities in their supply chain.  

As an exhibitor, Fives was on hand to dialogue with key players in the fulfillment and distribution network about its pioneering approach to automated sortation through integration and design-and-build engineering.