Fives to provide a robotics solution to ARaymond

ARaymond Solutions Robotisees-FIVES

Fives vient de terminer avec succès la robotisation des flux intralogistiques du nouveau site industriel d’ARaymond à Saint Egrève (38). Grâce à un seul robot portique, la solution fournie par Fives permet de supprimer la manipulation de bacs pesant jusqu’à 20 kg et d’assurer la continuité des flux de 5 machines différentes.

A family business founded 150 years ago in Grenoble, France, ARaymond designs, fabricates and supplies fastener service and advanced assembly solutions. From 1886 when ARaymond invented the snap fastener till today when the company started working in the automotive industry, the company has grown and now has a headcount of 5,400 people worldwide.

As its historical metallic clips activity keeps on growing, ARaymond recently transferred this activity to a new 10,000sqm industrial facility. Considering ARaymond’s past satisfaction and experience with Fives in the 1990s when the Group supplied software and conveying solutions, the client awarded them with a new contract to supply a robotized solution designed to avoid the handling of heavy trays (up to 20kg).

Fives’ high capacity gantry (up to 400 cycles per hour) is at the heart of this ultimate solution. This flexible and proprietary equipment guarantees the automatic alignment of the mobile beam during fast moves. This single robot feeds a centrifugal, a degreasing machine, and thermal treatment furnaces - several process machines with diversified technical constraints.

“The reason why we awarded Fives is their deep knowledge and expertise in robotized solutions, particularly their pioneering gantry technology ensuring both ultimate reliability and precision” says Chapuis, method supervisor at ARaymond.“After a few months operating with Fives’ solutions we’re glad to announce we reached our target for this reference facility and we’re optimistic for the evolution of this system thanks to Fives’ capabilities in industrial IT” concludes Chapuis.