Fives successfully completes the retrofit of Fiducial Office Solutions order fulfillment system

Fives Fiducial Office Solutions-FIVES

Fives recently completed full retrofit of Fiducial Office Solutions order fulfillment system in the area of Lyon (Heyrieux), France. This retrofit also included the connection with the existing WMS, without production shutdown.

Designed for handling a range of parcels weighing up to 20kg, Fives’ solution allows dealing with up to 1,200 parcels per hour, and includes a “Pick to Light” order processing solution. This enables operators to work with hands free, thus improving working station ergonomics. 

The installation is managed by Trace®, Fives’ WCS. It comprises the automation of a wide range of features such as labelling, shipping list infeed, as well as the smart scheduling and launching modules. That function improves the fulfillment process by assessing the traffic in real time in order to determine the parcels to be launched, depending on the status of the installation. 

Once the order is fulfilled, carton’s height is adjusted based on the measured filling level. Thus, the volume of the carton and the shipping cost are optimized.