Fives participated in Gala Supply Chain Management as a Gold Partner

Gala Supply Chain Management 500-FIVES

On June 29th, in Paris, Intralogistics teams participated in the 6th Annual Gala Supply Chain event as Gold partners. 

Organized by the Agora, the event brought together more than 120 Supply Chain Directors to explore the pressing issue of artificial intelligence in the industry: “Should we fear artificial intelligence in supply chain professions?” and happened to be of a great interest in Twitter, as more than 620 000 web users visited the web page dedicated to the event.  

At the end of the debate, partners of the event successively appeared on stage. As a Gold Partner, Fives was represented by Philippe Verne, President of Fives Intralogistics SAS to showcase the latest innovation of the Group, Fives Digital Factory™. Developed by Fives teams, this data processing platform aims at improving operation and maintenance of the production systems by optimal data use and analysis. This universal and powerful tool makes it possible to collect, transfer, store and analyze millions of heterogeneous data in real time in order to predict potential failures and anticipate breakdowns.