Despite the Covid-19 emergency, Fives provided DHL Express Italy with a new parcel handling and sorting solution in accordance with the deadlines

DHL Express Italy_Inauguration of the air gateway hub at Milan Malpensa

An integrated smart automation solution to automate DHL’s air gateway hub at Milan Malpensa airport

Fives designed the ultimate solution based on proprietary technologies of next generation to meet customer’s requirements.

DHL Express Italy selected Fives’ cross belt technology that stand out for its high speed and extraordinary accuracy.

The installation is capable to sort parcels and envelopes in a very short time and integrates the following innovative systems:

• 4 GENI-BeltTM cross belt sorters with a development of more than one and a half kilometers

• 30 GENI-FeedTM high capacity induction lines

• 11 X-ray machines

• 313 destinations

• Over 2,250 meters conveyor belts and rollers