Air Tech Italy

Air Tech Italy and Fives

Air Tech Italy was founded on July 30th, 2020. It is the first association of Italian companies that supply products, technologies, systems and services for the airport world.

Fives is one of the founder of the Association, which counts 28 members.

The Association, sponsored by ENAC, aims at enhancing excellence and know-how towards Italian and foreign airport management companies and institutions active in the infrastructure and transportation sector.

“Partnership and networking are a great way to promote constructively know-how, management solutions and technical skills” - says Alessio Quaranta, Managing Director of ENAC, who supports and sponsors Air Tech Italy – “the goal is to give concrete and comprehensive answers to the several demanding challenges that aviation and airport industries must address internationally.”

Air Tech Italy and Fives

Air Tech Italy is the smart answer brought together by the Italian industry committed to fight back the negative impacts on air traffic and airport system operations and recover from such hard-hit crisis.

Being at the center of the sector, the Association organizational model enable to foster synergies and collaborations between firms today committed in an increasingly complex and competitive market (Italy alone counts about one hundred companies, with a total turnover close to 3 Billion Euro).

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