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  • DPD Sublaines-FIVES

    Successful commissioning of DPD France (former Exapaq)

    The new sortation DPD France sortation terminal is now fully operational at Sublaines, in the center of France.
    In 2013, DPD France (former Exapaq) awarded Fives with a contract to supply an automated solution for its new 8,000sqm HQE (High Environmental Quality) terminal. Flexible and...

  • PostNord-FIVES

    Third sorting system delivered to PostNord in Sweden

    A Nordic group offering communication and logistics solutions to, from and within the Nordic region, PostNord counts 38,000 employees and in 2014 the group delivered 5.3 billion mail items and 120 million parcels to the Nordic region’s 25 million residents and 2 million businesses.
    Due to...

  • Toll-Ipec-Melbourne-FIVES

    New contract for Toll Group’s Melbourne sorting facility

    In 2014, Fives was awarded a new contract by BCS, its partner on the Australian market, to supply a sorting system for parcels up to 50kg to leading express road freight business Toll IPEC, part of Toll Group, at its new freight sorting facility under construction in Melbourne, Australia.


    Latest fairs Fives hosted in the US

    Fives recently participated in major exhibitions in the US, in Chicago (MI) and Louisville (KY) positioning itself as a supplier of pioneering solutions in many markets.

  • Fives TNT-Melbourne-FIVES

    Two new contracts for TNT in Melbourne and Brisbane

    In 2014, Fives was awarded two new contracts by BCS to supply sorting systems for parcels up to 50kg to TNT at its new terminals in the area of Melbourne (VIC) and Brisbane, (QLD), Australia.
    Based on its good Intralogistics reputation and references, along with ultimate technologies, high...

  • ARaymond Solutions Robotisees-FIVES

    Fives to provide a robotics solution to ARaymond

    Fives vient de terminer avec succès la robotisation des flux intralogistiques du nouveau site industriel d’ARaymond à Saint Egrève (38). Grâce à un seul robot portique, la solution fournie par Fives permet de supprimer la manipulation de bacs pesant jusqu’à 20 kg et d’assurer la continuité...

  • Fives intralogistics salons-FIVES

    Fives exhibits its Intralogistics solutions around the world

    The last few weeks were very busy for Intralogistics teams as they hosted stands to promote their products and solutions in no less than 4 countries around the globe.

  • Fives Intralogistics Tempo One news-FIVES

    Fives to automate newest Tempo One Warehouse

    Fives was recently awarded a contract for the newest Tempo One warehouse in Marseille Pier, Distriport (South of France).

  • Fives intralogistics news warehouse Stihl-FIVES

    Fives to automate a new warehouse for Stihl

    Stihl recently awarded the automation of a new warehouse in Quincy-Voisins to Fives Intralogistics.

  • Intralogistics order fulfillment 01-FIVES

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