Automated order fulfillment solutions for the pharmaceutical industry handling extreme workflow variations

Like in many highly competitive business sectors, optimizing logistics costs is a constant challenge in pharmaceutical distribution.

A number of constraints are placed on this regulated industry (batch number, refrigeration for vaccines, etc.) and it requires absolutely seamless order fulfillment. In addition, there is a variety of workflows (package and full freight) and an expectation of responsiveness that may be coupled with seasonal fluctuations.

Lastly, the parcels can be fragile, vary in temperature and frequently have high commercial value.

Ultimate solutions to answer the needs of the market

Fives is drawing on its experience to design automated order fulfillment solutions tailored to the demands and constraints facing market operators.

Fives' high-speed solutions offer proven user-friendly quality and can handle extreme workflow variations all while providing maximum performance.

Conveyors and the GENI-Belt sorter are suitable for this application: our cross-belt technology works in low temperature areas and assures a gentle handling of fragile items.

WCS Trace® is the core optimization software for these installations. It includes fulfillment management, weight control, pick-to-light systems and a wide variety of monitoring screens. It manages traceability for all logistics operations

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