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E-commerce has been constantly growing and subject to seasonal constraints. This issue had to be resolved with equipment that could handle a vast array of products and flows.

The e-commerce community has faced frequent and rapid changes in the type and volume of products. The logistics process, therefore, needs to be agile enough to handle these changes with very short lead times, and without affecting productivity.

E-commerce customers are discerning, unpredictable and extremely discretionary. The keys to ensuring their satisfaction are flawless fulfillment and on-time service.

When the processes are manual, these issues generate an ever-increasing need for labor that can significantly impact the logistics costs for e-commerce companies.

Customized flexible solutions

Fives' extensive e-commerce product catalogue empowers it to offer top-rate, value-added automated solutions. From rapidly expanding SMEs to the largest corporations, and from simple equipment to the most complex, the installations that Fives designs are tailored to the needs of every operator.

They are flexible, accommodating changes to the product catalogue that occur virtually every day without altering the installation.

The solution's scalability is part of logistics process design, and integrated into the operation to seamlessly guide the operator as it achieves its growth objectives.

Your operation's productivity and the solution's return on investment are optimized through smart and intelligent automation.

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