Drive-thru order fulfillment line

There are now two main drive-thru families: in-store pick-up drive-thru and warehouse drive-thru (may or may not be next to a store).

Growth in e-commerce is supporting this new distribution channel, which has been expanding at a very steady pace over the last few years and needs a specialized logistics process.

Stiff competition has caused fluctuations for the warehouse drive-thru's weekly and daily operations, complicating logistics and hurting working conditions and profitability.

Ultimate solutions to answer the needs of the market

Backed by Fives' extensive e-commerce catalogue and for the purposes of order fulfillment, it is offering the first end-to-end warehouse drive-thru solution called Cit’e-drive®.

Cit’e-drive® contains three interdependent units (Trace Drive, Prépa Drive and Robot Drive). It handles the entire process and manages every stage of drive-thru order fulfillment.

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