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In a changing world, airport operators face numerous challenges: guaranteeing a high level of availability and meeting high security standards while keeping the costs to the lowest possible level.

In particular, a reliable baggage handling system is the core of the process in a passenger terminal.

Ultimate solutions to answer the needs of the market

Fives offers solutions based on its proven sorting technology suitable for small, medium and large airports, as well as retrofits and upgrades of existing systems to optimize the availability and efficiency of the baggage handling system.

Fives has developed the GENI-Belt cross-belt sorter, specifically designed for Baggage Handling Systems (BHS). It features high-friction belts that prevent bags from sliding during both loading and discharge. It can be implemented in a narrow space thanks to its compact layout, and the very accurate bag tracking allows high sorting speeds and gentle treatment.

Discover how the GENI-Belt sorter enhances the performance in a BHS:

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