GENI-Flex™ Modular Solution: Irregular & Oversize Package Sorter

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Introducing the first pre-engineered package sortation product from Fives

The GENI-Flex Modular Solution is a heavy duty yet gentle sorter, with a proven ability to handle the most extensive range of irregular and oversized product in the industry. Optimized for packages of up to 175 pounds and 9 feet in length, the GENI-Flex™ can sort all manner of atypical parcels, including five-gallon buckets, tires, and carpet rolls.

The system features an innovative, self-contained pop-up divert module and offers multiple pre-engineered takeaway options to suit your sorting requirements. The powered 90-degree takeaway module minimizes manual labor by diverting oversized packages directly to the shipping center’s dock doors. A more energy-efficient option, the gravity 90-degree takeaway module, can divert packages without consuming electricity.

The Geni-Flex Modular Solution ships pre-wired and pre-assembled, with module guarding and product guides. This standardized design enables integrators to rapidly deploy and commission systems with minimal factory support. The modularity of the GENI-Flex system was designed to be robust, ultra-low maintenance and easily reconfigured for future expansion — Allowing our partners the flexibility to quickly respond to the demands of operational growth.


  • Postal & Courier
  • Distribution
  • E-commerce
  • Baggage Handling


Features & Benefits

  • Optimized to sort packages up to 175 lbs. and 9 ft. in length
  • Standardized modular design enables rapid system configuration, installation, and commissioning
  • Less than 77 dB maximum sound produced during operation
  • ISO View Max-FIVES
  • ISO View-FIVES


Distance Between
Product Guides
49 inches
Rate 3,200 pph (depending on average length)
Max Package length 8 feet
Max Rug length 9 feet
Transport Belting Habasit aph150lfoxln, 47.6 in. wide

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