Fives to automate a new warehouse for Stihl

Fives intralogistics news warehouse Stihl-FIVES

Stihl recently awarded the automation of a new warehouse in Quincy-Voisins to Fives Intralogistics.

Located 30 miles outside of Paris, this new site for the French leader in chainsaws and outdoor power equipment will manage order fulfillment in support of Stihl’s network of 2,500 retail stores. Expected completion of the 12,000sqm installation is in January of 2015.

“We were attracted by the sturdiness and technical maturity of Fives’ solution,” says Forstendicher, Logistics and General Services Director for Stihl. “We were convinced by the innovation of Fives’ solution and the understanding of teams and decided to entrust them with this strategic project. With this new site and thanks to Fives’ ultimate technology, we will go forward with the future growth of Stihl’s volume in optimal conditions.”

Dedicated to added-value solutions in the face of technical challenges, Fives will provide Stihl with modular electrical conveyors to tackle a wide range of large parcels (0.3m-2.4m) and still maintain a 500 pph capacity. Designed to absorb the growth of sales while improving productivity, Fives’ solution also offers better ergonomics to operators.

As an industrial engineering group, Fives designs and supplies machines, process equipment and production lines for the world’s largest industrial groups in the material handling, postal/courier, distribution and baggage handling sectors. With a team of over 400 experts in Italy, France, Japan and the US, Fives is recognized as a leading provider of innovative solutions in partnership with customers.