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Market demands are shifting. In light of industry-wide macro-trends in e-commerce and online retailing, even the most traditional postal facilities need to become as comfortable in the world of packets and parcels as with letter mail.

Postal companies are looking for new solutions to sort their mail, and the challenge for them is to handle the growth of packets and parcels volume in the postal market while decreasing lead time. High capacity handling systems based on state of the art technology, leading edge HMI and a low environmental impact are crucial.

Ultimate solutions for the needs of the market

The best way to bridge the gap between two markets is to stick with a company that plays well with both.  Turning challenges into opportunities for “future proofing” is a hallmark of Fives’ decades of experience in the postal and courier markets. Using high capacity handling systems based on state-of-the-art technology, Fives helps its customers to: 

  • Capitalize on space constraints
  • Handle a wide range of items, with the highest accuracy and ease
  • Direct unload in many different type of containers

Fives offers custom sorting systems for both tray handling and the sortation of packets and parcels.

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