Third Party Logistics

  • Third Party Logistics solutions - Order fulfillment line in a warehouse
  • 3PL automated fulfillment line in a logistics warehouse

The endless variety of third-party logistics providers (3PLs) handle a huge range of issues and must meet their end-clients’ exacting specifications. So they are always looking for ways to optimize their logistics costs and quality operations.

Logistics processes need to be flexible and highly adaptable due to short lead times and changing customer requirements. Projects for these service providers must turn a profit during the outsourcing contract. And for operating crews, these installations have to be easy to start up and run.

Ultimate solutions to answer the needs of the market

Fives delivers modular, scalable order fulfillment solutions for 3PLs, which is the cornerstone of their operational profitability.

Fives makes projects of any size by managing complexity and offering hands-on guidance to get operations up and running for a smooth handover.

Fives automated solutions let 3PLs extend their service contracts and, even better, attract new business.

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