Intralogistics media order fulfillment system and order returns management solutions

Media logistics involves a number of different operations in terms of volumes and types of distribution flows (package and full freight):

  • Campaigns for new products, best-sellers, agencies, etc.
  • Restocking
  • Processing returns

The items and packages may be fragile and affected by seasonal changes; they also may have high commercial value.

The media logistics community is attuned to improving working conditions for crews and optimizing logistics costs.

Ultimate solutions to answer the needs of the market

Fives designs solutions for order fulfillment and returns processing that are ideal for meeting the special constraints of media logistics.

Fives solutions offer proven user-friendly quality and can handle extreme workflow variations with great agility. For example, a single GENI-Belt sorter can process order fulfillments and returns.

WCS Trace® is the core optimization software for maximizing the logistics performance of installations. It includes fulfillment management, weight control, pick-to-light systems, and a wide variety of advanced functionalities specially designed for these processes

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