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Food logistics operators deal with a number of constraints such as working in controlled temperatures, positive/negative cold, and handling a vast range of products with great variances including weight, fragile products, open containers, and multiple formats and expiration dates.

The situation is further complicated large, time-sensitive seasonal volumes that require efficient high-speed solutions.

These enormous warehouses rely on large workforces, so they are looking for improvements in ergonomics and higher capacities and productivity.

Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs) are a serious concern due to the strenuous nature of some jobs in logistics warehouses, calling for much stricter standards and regulation.

Ultimate solutions to answer the needs of the market

Fives has mass distribution references that offer time-tested solutions.

WCS Trace® adds features that optimize equipment performance, such as smart sorting maps, sorted product management, variable weights, expiration dates (use-by and sell-by) and productivity stats.

The GENI-Belt cross-belt sorter is ideal for handling the diverse types and varieties of loads, offering high-speed processing at a pace of 10,000 objects per hour.

Fives’ experience and the constant improvements it makes for operators result in palletizing and depalletizing stations where ergonomics and high productivity go hand in hand.

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