GENI-Flex™ sorter


GENI-Flex main-FIVES

The first fully automated non-compatibles sorter on the market

The GENI-Flex™ non-compatibles sorter automatically sorts oddly-shaped items that are too large, too heavy, or typically considered non-conveyable on traditional sorters.  Today, these non-compatible items are handled manually at multiple points in the sortation process, all of which carry the potential for serious injury.  Fives’ GENI-Flex™ Product Suite can quickly and safely sort 95% or greater of these non-compatible items, for up to 40% labor savings.   

Building on the success of Fives’ Pop-up sorter and its unique innovations, the GENI-Flex™ sorter (patent pending) handles items up to 8 feet in length and 150 lbs in a relatively small footprint.  The GENI-Flex™ easily sorts hard-to-handle items such as buckets, tires, rolls of product, spools of wire, pallets, and much more with no manual intervention.


  • Courier
  • Postal
  • Distribution
  • E-commerce
  • Baggage Handling

Features & Benefits

  • All product sorted automatically
  • Layout easily retrofits with existing systems
  • Available in uni- and bi-directional configurations
  • FIL GENI-Flex tire I-FIVES
  • FIL GENI-Flex tire II-FIVES
  • FIL GENI-Flex tire III-FIVES
  • FIL GENI-Flex roll I-FIVES
  • FIL GENI-Flex roll II-FIVES
  • FIL GENI-Flex roll III-FIVES
  • FIL GENI-Flex bucket I-FIVES
  • FIL GENI-Flex bucket II-FIVES
  • FIL GENI-Flex bucket III-FIVES


Width Main Flow49 inches
Rate1,200 - 2,000 (depending on product mix)
Max product length8 feet

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