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Fives designs and supplies world-class material handling and sorting solutions for the intralogistics sector.

The Group and its Intralogistics dedicated teams - around 500 people in France, Italy, China, Japan, Korea and the United States - automate internal logistics streams for postal and courier companies, distribution centers, and baggage handling systems.

With a strong legacy based on more than 60 years of expertise developing pioneering solutions in close partnership with customers, Fives is recognized as the leading provider of intralogistics solutions – a partner that helps customers maximize operational performance.

From system design to installation and throughout the product’s lifecycle, Fives proposes the best solution to the customer and executes projects as a true partner. It is a value-added resource, with a global presence, a culture of active listening, and decades of experience of understanding and adapting to customers’ needs.

Intralogistics, a worldwide coverage leaning on 4 leading companies

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JAPAN, Fives Intralogistics K.K. (former Cinetic Sorting K.K.)

Born in 1967, this company located in Kobe has delivered among the biggest distribution terminals in Korea and Japan, among which the Yamato terminal located in the outskirts of Haneda International Airport in Tokyo.

The U.S.A., Fives Intralogistics Corp. (former Cinetic Sorting Corp.)

Born in 1957, this company located in Louisville (KY), comprises a workshop a production area and test loop facility of more than 8,000sqm and supplied major singulation and sortation solutions to customers like FedEx, DHL or UPS.

FRANCE, Fives Intralogistics

Born in 1946, this company located in Grigny (69) has delivered solutions to customers in courier (Coliposte, 16,000pph), in distribution (Eurodep, 7,200 pph) and e-Commerce (Morin Logistic, 40,000pph), among their most important references. The team developed 20  years ago Trace®, Fives WCS that helps operators optimize their installations.

ITALY, Fives Intralogistics S.p.a.

Born in 1957, this company is located in Lonate Pozzolo, close to Milan, on a site that comprises 13,500 sqm workshop and demo room. This company was the one that invented the cross belt which was delivered for the first time in 1987 and that is today a worldwide reference. 

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